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Fabio Viviani Celebrity Chef and Restauranteur

This is not just a book about business and life, it is an analysis that will reshape the way you think about the path that your life is taking, why is it taking it and what you can do to affect it. I wish I read the book 20 years ago.

Andy Frisella Founder of 1st Phorm and Supplement Superstores

Third Circle Theory is seriously one of the best books I have ever read and recommend you to read it ASAP. It will change the way you look at yourself and as a result improve your professional and personal life.

Tim Sykes Millionaire Penny Stock Trader

If you're not reading Third Circle Theory and truly taking in what it has to offer, you're missing out and that's sad. Do yourself a favor and pick up this book right away.

Jordan Harbinger Founder of Art of Charm Podcast

If you're hitting walls in your business or personal growth, give Third Circle Theory a read and put it into action. I guarantee it will get you back on the right track.

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