"An Entrepreneur without a destination is like a ship lost at sea, 

 It will eventually lose its energy and give up." 

My name is Pejman Ghadimi and for the last 12+ years I have been teaching Third Circle Entrepreneurship, a very different kind of entrepreneurship. One that focuses on social change and the power to become the driver of it. You see for the last 20+ years, i have watched Entrepreneurship lose its meaning with just about everyone and their father being called Entrepreneurs, either just for owning a business or simply being self employed. Reality is that Entrepreneurship is so much more than that.

​Entrepreneurship is one man’s ability to discover his now internal eco system of resources and enable his internal belief system to give birth to change. While Entrepreneurship is often confused with business, in the Third Circle’s definition of it, Entrepreneurship uses business as a carrier, or way to distribute change rather than be on elf the same. The Entrepreneur fist identifies his destination, finds a sense of purpose in the direction and then creates a business to allow others to accept and adopt the globe change. This new thinking and direction in Entrepreneurship was created to help re align people’s understanding of real Entrepreneurship and also differentiate the elite and real Entrepreneurs from those who simply seek the title.

Your current or past success in business does not dictate your success as an Entrepreneur, and in the contrary you may or may not have an advantage if you have previously failed or never gotten started. It is the basic fact that you are an empt canvas with the ability to define yourself rather than one where you must first erase the baselines of understanding.

Third Circle Entrepreneurship is a deep look into the 3 core baselines of every human being:

    • The mastery of Circumstance
    • The mastery of Society
    • The mastery of Life

Its objective is to delete your current belief system and reprogram your mind to live in a world free of being a victim, lacking resources, belonging to control mechanisms and to decipher your purpose in society with that of your life.

While the majority of people will want to focus on the “right now” knowing what they should do to make money, or be successful, those who adopt the Third Circle Way will no longer seek direction from others, will no longer wonder how to seize opportunities, and will no longer struggle to find the destination they seek in life or any given moment. Instead understanding that opportunities are not given but rather created.

I had originally created the Third Circle framework in the hopes that millions of people would adopt it and learn to become real Entrepreneurs but have since realized that real Entrepreneurs are special people and that there weren’t millions of us hiding in plain sight, but rather very few of us trying to find the right channel to express ourselves and learn how to harness our powers in the right time and place. I have created the Third Circle Framework in order to hopefully bring more of us together towards one common goal, to stand as the next wave of real Entrepreneurs.


I am a self-made entrepreneur and best selling book author born in 1982 in the middle of a revolution in Iran, raised in France for the majority of my childhood, and eventually migrating to the United States in 1997. I was by Raised by a single mother my entire life with very limited resources. Due to lack of finances, I had no choice but to start working from a young age of 14 and focused my early efforts on sales and marketing which led me to becoming a banker at the age of 18. I spent 8 years chasing a dream in corporate america thinking that my contribution to an organization would bring value to my name. Unfortunately after devoting my life to people who never cared twice to fight for me once, I realized that my concept of purpose was very much skewed and untrue.

I spent 5 years after that building an 80M a year business called VIP motoring, a business that focused on mixing investing and alternative assets like cars, art and jewelry. I learned that despite making a lot of money and finding financial freedom, true freedom came with personal acceptance of my achievements, not by adding more cars and houses to my name.

In 2011, I had a personal awakening that enabled me to identify my purpose as a teacher in this lifetime and my past experiences allowed me the knowledge to bring my teachings into the world for the select few. Since my acceptance of my very own purpose, I have been able to create and launch an additional 7 business all of which are not only profitable but help foster social change, all while writing 12 books (including 2 best sellers)

Today, i want to teach you what allows me to write 12 books without reading a single book, what enabled me to become a VP of a fortune 500 bank without a degree or what allows me to build as many business as I want without wasting a dollar or tapping into any resources but myself.

How to become a Third Circle Entrepreneur?

It all starts with a shift in perspective and an understanding of how your very own mind works, everything from the power of manifestation, the law of attraction and the ability to decipher real vs facade crated environments. Then learning how to break free of all control mechanisms, not just those convenient to our own cause or beliefs.

We then exercise our ability to realign our belief system with the real and unfiltered world ahead of us, not just the society we are trained to see or live in. We continue our path by setting a very clear destination for ourselves and understanding how to activate our internal purpose mechanism.

Once those fundamental concepts are mastered, we move to understand how to align our destination to the impact we seek to create. We do so by learning the core business and finance strategies known as the RADIUS System that will enable us to find correct and steady success. We work to continuously create a 5 year plan that gives us enough time to evolve alongside it in order to create a better tomorrow for ourselves, our families and all of those around us whom we wish to self.

We live by understanding that we can only create the true impact we seek AFTER we have learned to internally forged our character into the person we have needed to become to do so.

How will this framework help me?

The system in itself will not help you, it will simply offer you a roadmap to understanding yourself and challenging your beliefs, values and perspective at all times of your journey. Many of today’s top Entrepreneurs refer to this framework as time goes by as its content are created in such a progressive manner that they are of a different meaning to each person at each stage of their lives.

The framework will basically cover the following in a combination of text, audio and video formats:

  • Belief Restructuring
  • Understanding the Third Circle Ideology
  • Self Awareness vs Awareness
  • Mastery of Perception
  • How to Manipulate Environments
  • How to manifest your Purpose
  • Understanding where FEAR comes from and How to Contain It
  • Learning to Shift Your Perspective on Demand
  • The Flow of Energy in the Universe and How to Use It
  • The Scale of Right vs Wrong
  • The Theory of Absolute Truth
  • How Business and Entrepreneurship Play a Role in Purpose
  • How to Set a Correct Destination
  • The 5 Pillars of Entrepreneurship and How to Master Them
  • The power of Leveraging Money
  • Marketing, s
  • Selling and more....

In addition to having the framework itself, I have accumulated over 350 Business case studies of people leveraging these strategies in over 75+ industries so you can see first hand via over 3000 hours of video, what some of the better applicable practices are to be able to continuously grow your awareness, mind, body and capacity in your continued education.

As a bonus, each Entrepeneur who learns the Third Circle framework will continue to be mentored by me in several ways. by gaining access to and joining my tribe:

My personal Third Circle FB group in which we discuss ideas and continue to challenge your mind on its evolutionMy Entourage group where you can interact with over 8000 plus awesome aspiring and established entrepreneurs for resources and moreMy monthly mastermind where you can come on and interact directly with me.

Next Steps…

Now with that said, there are simply three ways for you to get started and one step closer to becoming a real Entrepreneur. If you want see more about what I teach and check out some of the content available, click here to sign up for a free training webinar where I will teach you more about yourself and why you haven’t gotten started yet.If you are ready to step up and give up instant gratification for a real foundation, click here to become an Insider Member to unlock full access to all my courses and join my mentorship program.

Feel free to connect with me on Instagram, or Facebook. or contact us here if you have any questions.

The choice has and always will be in your hands.

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